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Providing Exceptional Treatment Since 1992

I graduated with honours from Sydney University’s School of Dentistry back in 1992.

It was my ultimate dream to create a space that offered a more comfortable and relaxed environment for my clients, and after working at several different dental practices, I was finally able to fulfil that dream by opening my own state-of-the-art practice that you see today.

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A dentist you can trust

I treat my patients with the greatest level of respect and attention and ensure that even their smallest concerns are evaluated to the fullest extent.

I put a big emphasis on patient comfort and satisfaction, which is why I personally hand-pick every member of my dental team to ensure that every patient experiences the greatest service available.

Dedicated Dental Professional

Dental care is always evolving, and the only way to remain an experienced in your field is through constant and deliberate study and practice.

I regularly attend postgraduate courses and educational seminars to stay current in new dental techniques, technologies and information in order to give my patients the best care possible in these changing times.

Taking pride in my work

As an experienced in my field, I have appeared many times in the media to help promote dental safety awareness on topics and issues — such as the use of mouthguards in sports — in order to convey the importance of good dental care to the community.

I am proud of my work and am always looking for more ways to help my patients improve their dental health.

I am a proud member of several professional organisations that help me to provide the greatest level of care and dental knowledge to each of my patients. These organisations include

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