Oral Cancer Screens in Sydney

Offering the best service

In order to provide the best dental services possible, we offer regular oral cancer screenings to help ensure our patients are being taken care of in all aspects of their oral health. Equipped with our extensive knowledge, skills and state-of-the-art technology, we proudly help our patients with all their oral health needs.

Providing you with a comfortable dental experience

Who is at greater risk?

The patients who have a greater risk for oral cancer are those who are linked to smoking, heavy alcohol consumption, poor oral hygiene, gum disease or those with a family history of oral cancer. If you are worried about your oral health and would like an oral cancer screening for yourself, please give us a call today to schedule.

How often should you check?

We recommend having an oral cancer screening done every six to twelve months in order to stay on top of any changes to your oral health. With our fast, simple and non-invasive exams, our patients can feel more comfortable and at ease knowing that their oral health is being taken care of by our friendly and experienced staff.

Making you comfortable is our top priority