Dental Implant Services in Sydney

For a more confident smile...

Missing teeth can be a cause of embarrassment, pain or discomfort for many individuals. Fortunately, with the evolving technology and knowledge within the dental industry, dentists are now able to provide strong and aesthetically pleasing replacements for these missing teeth for a more confident and natural smile.

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For those who are missing a single tooth and are hoping to improve the look of their smile while also adding strength to their surrounding teeth, a single-tooth implant is one of the greater solutions. By carefully creating and matching the colour and shape of your remaining teeth, we help ensure a seamless and natural look for your smile.

With immediate implants, our team is able to remove the failing tooth and put the titanium implant in place during the same appointment, allowing our patients to experience more immediate results rather than waiting. If you are interested in this procedure, please get in touch with Dr Michalopoulos today for a consultation.

At Dr John Michalopoulos Dental, we use only the most trusted techniques and up-to-date technologies to ensure a seamless and comfortable fit for your smile. Every surgery comes with their own risks and obstacles, so we ask that you visit with Dr Michalopoulos for a full assessment to determine the best treatment for your needs.

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