Children's Dentistry in Sydney

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Getting started early on your child’s dental hygiene is extremely important, as it sets the precedent for maintaining healthy habits for a beautiful and strong mouth.

At Dr John Michalopoulos Dental, we work hard to make sure every experience with our team is fun, comfortable and educational for our young patients. 

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Individualised care

Not every mouth is the same, so why should your child’s dental care be? Our team works hard to ensure that your child receives the highest level of care for a healthy and happy smile that will last, as well as help to come up with a personalised dental plan to help improve your child’s oral health and wellbeing.

Fissure seals

Fissures are tiny but deep pits and grooves found on the surfaces of your back teeth that are incredibly difficult for your toothbrush to clean, making them an ideal area for bacteria to grow. Our team specialised in fissure sealants that help to create a protective layer to help stop tooth decay in these small areas.


Protecting the teeth is always a better option than fixing them after an injury. If your child is involved in a high-contact sport, then a custom-created mouthguard is a small price to pay when their teeth are on the line. We offer a variety of colours, and the piece can be customised with your child’s name and number.

Ready when you are

We know that for many young individuals, going to the dentist isn’t exactly the most exciting activity, which is why our team works hard to ensure that your children feel comfortable, safe and engaged during every visit. Get in touch with our specialised dental team to schedule your child’s next dental visit.

Making you comfortable is our top priority