Our Support Team

Our strength lies in the fact that we are a small private dental practice who take the time to get to know our patients and encourage them to candidly discuss their oral health issues and fears and then base our treatment upon what we have learnt from you.

Front Desk Co-Ordinator

Anna is an integral member of the team, being with us for over ten years. She is the backbone of our practice. Anna has been trained to assist patients with their questions and has extensive knowledge of all things dental.

Shendell, Garth and Peyton
Qualified Dental Assistants

Our Dental Assistants are very caring and comforting to all patients during their visits. They put them at ease with their kind actions and words. Shendell, Garth and Peyton perform countless assisting procedures on a daily basis, and are all highly educated in the dental field.

Every professional team member of John Michalopoulos Dental is fully committed towards individualised attention to you, our patient.