Our Technology

We deliver skillful dentistry through knowledge, technology and the very best clinical techniques that are available in the world today. Through innovation, high quality craftsmanship and technologies, we are proud to offer you the most satisfying results and less time in the dental chair.


Intra-Oral Camera
With our intra-oral camera it is possible for you to view on the TV screen exactly what we are talking about. The camera is mounted in a small tube which is easily moved around your mouth while you watch live on the screen, allowing us to give you a guided tour of your own teeth. You can see your teeth up close and view any problem areas being explained by our dentists. The intra-oral camera assists us to document dental conditions and aids in diagnosis and dental education. Informing you to better understand your dental needs by actually seeing what we see.


We have flat screen televisions available in each treatment room, set up so that while you are in the dental chair, you can watch your favorite television show or better still, you can view Shendell’s relaxing photography.
Each treatment room comes equipped with its own i-pod docking station where you can listen to our wide range of music or we can play your own music, making your treatment a more pleasant experience.


Digital Intra-Oral X-Rays
Today with the use of high resolution computer screens and ultra sensitive sensors, you can enjoy a whole new level of comfort with our wireless digital x-rays. Digital x-rays reduce radiation exposure by up to eighty percent of conventional methods. Your x-ray then has the ability to be magnified to fill a computer screen and can be viewed from where you sit. They can also be digitally enhanced to show otherwise hidden problems.


Digital Orthopantogram (OPG)
The OPG x-ray gives a panoramic view of the total upper and lower jaws from just below the eyes to the bottom of the lower jaw. We see not only pathology associated with the teeth, but also the surrounding structures beyond what smaller x-rays can show. Using the high resolution computer screens and sensitive digital sensor it produces far less radiation then conventional methods. Giving us the ability to magnify the image to fill a computer screen and show otherwise hidden problems.


C-T Scans
This advanced technology generates a cross sectional scan of your upper or lower jaw, providing us with valuable information to plan for dental implants. A routine x-ray is two-dimensional and only shows the location of your teeth and the height of the bone. The CT Scan shows this plus a cross-sectional view of your jaw. The images it creates allow us to select the best location for implants and plan any surgery with pinpoint accuracy.
Doing our best to keep the costs low, we at JM Dental happily refer you to a dedicated radiography centre, so that a great proportion of the cost for the scan can be claimed on medicare, as dental insurance companies do not cover them.


Sterilisation and Infection Control
Providing you with a clean and safe environment is of paramount importance. We use the most effective sterilisation system to date to ensure your comfort and safety. All instruments are cleaned and then sterilised in accordance to current Australian Standards. Each sterilisation cycle is monitored to ensure that sterilisation parameters are met. All critical instruments are individually packed maintaining sterility until the package is opened for use on a specific patient. No item is released from the sterilising room for use, until its integrity has been checked.
We also pay particular attention to infection control, having a dedicated sterilisation room, which is designed to assist eliminate cross infection.Our bench top sterilisers and associated equipment are TGA (Therapeutic Goods Association) approved and are tested, calibrated and maintained by fully qualified service personnel on a regular basis.


Digital Photography
Using macro photography provides us a record of your smile, teeth, fillings, crowns, and gum structures to serve as a baseline to assist diagnose changes with time. Also having the ability to show our highly qualified ceramist your natural teeth to help colour match our wonderful teeth veneers and crowns. You can see some of our digital photos throughout the website which highlight our attention to detail and meticulous care that we pride our dentistry on. All photos are original and untouched from patients that Dr John Michalopoulos has personally treated.


Patient Education Software
With the latest in dental education software available, we can easily explain dental procedures that sometimes have you scratching your head. The Chair-assist program features full-motion video, dazzling 3-D graphics, striking computer animation, and easy-to-understand narration. Helping us inform and educate you in what options are available for your dental needs.


Magnification Eye Wear (Loupes)
Dr John Michalopoulos uses dental loupes in order to perform on a more precise level, giving him up to five times magnification from normal vision. With the attached light, he receives a sharper enhanced view, all the better to scrutinise and see things that ordinarily would not be seen without them. This helps us provide a higher quality of service to patients as the dental loupes are an important part of diagnosing and performing precision dentistry.


Filtered Water in All Dental Plumbing
Considering how our city water has millions of bacteria (also known as bio-film), it is nice to know that you don’t have to deal with the added exposure to the bacterial contamination when you take a trip to the dentist. Our treatment rooms plumbing have specialised high grade filters to protect our patients.


Piezoelectric Bone Surgery
Dr John Michalopoulos prefers to use this new procedure when he is undergoing wisdom teeth removal or dental implant placements.
Using the Mectron PIEZOSURGERY®, the clinical benefits is that it uses ultrasound technology as its functioning principle. Improving the precision and safety, this revolutionary surgical technique is known for its efficient and consistency in the predictability of the results. Its gold surgical tips, help us achieve unparalleled precision according to the clinical needs of each patient to ensure a quicker and more comfortable healing period.