Your First Visit

At your initial appointment we ask that you arrive five minutes prior to your scheduled time to complete our new patient information form. Alternatively you can either email the completed form or print and bring the completed form with you to your appointment.

What to expect at your first appointment:

We will listen to what you hope to achieve and what your expectations are.

We will look by doing a thorough examination whereby Dr John Michalopoulos will record all existing dental conditions.

This examination includes an assessment of your gum health. Our patients regularly see hygienists for their preventative care and where necessary, an appointment with our hygiene department can be scheduled.

An oral cancer screening is also carried out at your first visit. Early detection of abnormal soft tissues is vital so we repeatedly do an oral cancer check as part of our active maintenance program.

It is usually necessary to take x-rays which allows us to check between your teeth and under fillings / crown work to detect any signs of decay. We use a digital system which has much less radiation than traditional x-rays. In some cases we may also take an OPG which is a full mouth scan of all your teeth, upper and lower jaw in the one film. You can read more about our technology on our technology page

We will assess the gathered information to formulate a personalized treatment plan and list all your treatment options and time scales.

We will discuss all options that are available for you and communicate all advantages and disadvantages of each option.We spend time answering your questions and treatment expectations. We will provide you with the costs and item numbers for your health fund for you to review your rebate.

Our goal is for you to understand the issues and your choices, and we’ll use miniature cameras to see inside your mouth and magnify the images, computer images and demonstration models to assist in explaining your dental health and treatment choices. Options, costs and risks of treatment need to be balanced against benefits until a clear choice can be made that best suits your needs. Some people still like to leave it up to us, but we still prefer you to understand why we made our final recommendations.

We will provide. We uphold a reputation for using the best in world class dental products and latest techniques. We look forward to providing you with the best of care.

Download New Patient Form