Advances in dentistry have made dental appointments stress-free and comfortable. However, for some of us, it isn’t enough. Using skills taught through approved Australian Dental Assosciation (ADA) courses all staff members have been trained to help with those of us who would rather be elsewhere. From a kind word to reassure, to sedation, all staff are here to help make your visit as comfortable as possible.

At John Michalopoulos Dental we have three types of sedation, these being: penthrox, oral sedation and twilight sedation.

For those who enjoy the ‘happy gas’ we have the new improved formula called penthrox. This is a self administering system that still gives the same ‘happy’ effect as nitrous oxide but does not cover your face and has less leakage rate, which means the team working on you are unaffected whilst it’s in use.

To take the edge off those slightly nervous patients we can prescribe an oral sedative (such as valium) for those who don’t require full sedation for dental treatment.

Twilight sedation is used to create a dream-like state of deep relaxation for the entire duration of your dental procedure. Administered and supervised by an experienced registered anaesthetist, sleep dentistry is done here in our treatment room, until now you may have been unaware that it is available.

Once you have experienced being comfortable in a dental chair, you will have an entirely new, positive, and relaxed outlook on all dental treatment.