Gum Therapy

If you want to keep your teeth for life, visiting our dental hygienist is the most cost effective dental treatment you can have. As we all know, prevention is better than cure. Active maintenance visits with one of our specially trained hygienists is an important part of our treatment, as they will help you to establish a good hygiene program for optimum oral health.

Regular cleaning helps prevent bad breath (halitosis) and also gives us an opportunity to do an oral cancer screening. During your active maintenance visit we regularly update our records by recording areas of concern and keeping your digital x-rays up to date every two to three years. Regular visits can help you stop dental decay and prevent gum disease before it takes an irreversible hold.

Our hygienists are also great with kids, and with the regular, positive reinforcement they receive at John Michalopoulos Dental, it will change their life outcome completely. Poor habits early can lead to a very expensive, traumatic dental lifetime.

Our hygienists continue their professional development by regularly attending courses which brings their formal training up to the standard we demand in our active gum maintenance program.

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