Preventative Dentistry in Sydney

We emphasise prevention and have a passionate approach to ongoing maintenance to ensure patients keep their teeth for life.We have the expertise and facilities to help you achieve and maintain your teeth and gums in optimum oral condition, for the immediate and long term future, helping you to feel and look your best.

By ensuring that the correct measures are taken in the everyday care of your teeth, the likelihood of dental problems can be greatly reduced. Coupled with regular checkups and cleaning, your ability to maintain optimum oral health is made increasingly straightforward.

Gum disease, tooth decay and trauma can all contribute to the negative experiences felt by many people, who neglect to seek dental care in the earlier stages of their lives. The subsequent effect of bad oral condition can have on the individual, both in terms of their health and sense of confidence, is often distressing.

Our team at John Michalopoulos Dental can provide you with a regular and necessary assessment of your oral condition and are able to equip you with the health and high standard of care needed to take you through life, unabated by dental complications.