Wisdom Teeth

Usually the wisdom teeth erupt into their correct position with no impact on the rest of your mouth. On occasion however, wisdom teeth cause dental issues requiring their removal to alleviate the problems.

A very common problem associated with wisdom teeth is known as impaction. This occurs when there is not enough space in the jaw line for wisdom teeth to grow and subsequently they grow at an angle into the surrounding teeth. This causes pain, discomfort and may result in alignment issues as the surrounding teeth are placed under constant pressure.

Another problem can occur when wisdom teeth erupt at different speeds. Some wisdom teeth only partially erupt leaving a pocket of gum tissue covering the partially emerged tooth. This pocket is very susceptible to recurrent, painful infection and most often is associated with bad breath.

Dental treatment to alleviate dental issues caused by wisdom teeth usually involves the removal of any problem wisdom teeth (whether it is one, two, three or all four). At John Michalopoulos Dental we do not complete extractions unless it is an absolute last resort.

We will thoroughly discuss and consider all treatment options with you prior to an extraction.