Receive Tooth Decay Services in Sydney

Tooth decay is the rotting of the tooth structure creating what is known as a cavity and this can effect the tooth on any of its surfaces. Decay can occur under a failing old filling as well as in a natural tooth. Diet, saliva flow and saliva ph levels all contribute to incidence of dental decay.

With the advances in modern dentistry, we no longer fill teeth with the mercury based amalgam fillings. We use what is known as a ‘white’ composite resin material.  The material itself is not actually white but comes in a range of tooth coloured shades which is chosen on an individual bases, as all smiles are unique.

This is a simple procedure that will leave you with a whiter, healthier smile. Composite fillings are not only beautiful, they are highly resistant to fracture and are recommended for small to medium sized restorations that require moderate chewing pressure. Teeth with larger fillings usually require a porcelain crown or onlay.