Root Canal Services for Sydney

When a tooth’s nerve has become inflamed or infected, usually as a result of decay or trauma, Root Canal Therapy is advised.

Root canal therapy is a procedure which targets the source of these problems, the pulp, which contains the blood vessels and nerve system of the tooth, from deep within the core part of its structures – the root. The injured pulp is delicately removed and the root canals are thoroughly cleaned and sealed.

Root canal is a service that has maintained a reputation for being one of dentistry’s most unpleasant and traumatic experiences. In the gentle hands of Dr John Michalopoulos, you can be assured in receiving the most sensitive and delicate approach to your root canal treatment. Depending on the degree of infection, we may complete the entire root canal service in one appointment.

Your absolute comfort is our priority and each of our patients is dealt with in a way that allows for treatment in a calm, comfortable and relaxed setting, at our experienced practice.