Mercury Fillings

As the possible danger associated with amalgam fillings has been publicised, many patients opt to replace their amalgam fillings with the tooth coloured resin material.

Like mercury in a thermometer that rises and falls with temperature, the mercury in the metal filling shrinks and contracts with hot and cold drinks or foods, and with time can cause the surrounding tooth to stress and crack. The extra pressure on the weakened tooth structure can lead to the tooth being further damaged and possibly breaking along those stress cracks, splitting the tooth in half.

After many years, old mercury fillings start to chip and deteriorate around their borders. The resulting cracks and gaps most often lead to the ingress of bacteria and decay, further compromising the remaining tooth. Dr John Michalopoulos suggests that these fillings be replaced with newer, tooth coloured materials.

As a general rule, composite resin material is best suited for small to medium sized fillings whilst for larger fillings, porcelain is the definitive material of choice.

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