Crowns and Bridges

Used as a highly effective means of restoring damaged, missing or weakened teeth, crowns and bridges can be an extremely successful treatment and can prove to be of great benefit in preventing teeth from additional weakening and damage by providing added strength and security.

A bridge restores an area that is missing a tooth or multiple teeth, by ‘bridging’ the gap with an artificial tooth that is anchored to the natural teeth on each side of the gap. It is permanently cemented in place. As with crowns, bridges are designed to complement your tooth’s natural colour and composition and are more comfortable than dentures.

All crowns and bridges are individually hand crafted and where porcelain is used, the effect is overwhelmingly natural in appearance. Dr John Michalopoulos takes pride in delivering outstandingly natural looking teeth. All are made here in Australia with a master dental ceramist that John has been working with for over fourteen years.