Teeth Whitening in Sydney

The natural colour of teeth vary between individuals. Various factors can cause your teeth to discolour, these include diet, medication, genetics as well as aging. Teeth whitening can help lighten the colour of your teeth by several shades and can be the easiest way to enhance the appearance of your smile. At John Michalopoulos Dental we are pleased to offer different choices for whitening procedures.

If you are time poor or desire instant results, our in-house Opalesence treatment is the most patient friendly system. Your teeth become lighter while you relax watching a film, listen to music or even have a nap, we do the rest to ensure a brighter smile.

We also offer a complete take home whitening package. Our system is completely safe and provides exceptional results. With precise custom-fit trays and using TGA approved whitening gels, you will be shown how to achieve the best results so that you are happy with your whiter, brighter smile.

Sometimes a tooth that has had the nerve removed (Root Canal Therapy) can become discoloured, we can sometimes correct this with internal whitening.

Our staff are more than happy to answer all your questions. If you are interested in going ahead with the treatment, we will organize for your teeth and gums to be examined ensuring the process will be safe and effective for you.